Wednesday, January 17, 2018

How To Fix Vertical Video Footage

Tweet “How do I flip my vertical video?”a client asked me recently after he had used his smartphone and shot his marketing video vertically. “Is there some program out there that will flip my footage to horizontal?” The answer? You can’t and no there is no special program that I know of that can flip it […]

Shooting Video Interviews: How To Make The Interviewee Comfortable

Tweet Very few people are comfortable with a boom microphone dangling over their head, lights in their eyes, a camera in their face and an interviewer asking probing, embarrassing or dumb questions. It’s your job to turn this situation into an informative interview and make it appear that the person is having a relaxed and informal chat […]

Shooting Video Interviews: 13 Guidelines To Follow

Tweet A large majority of special interest videos will include on-camera interviews. While these can be shot almost anywhere, having them look and sound professional does come with its share of challenges. If you are not a skilled videographer, don’t panic. By following these guidelines, and taking time to dedicate to practice, you should be prepared to deal with many types […]

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