Wednesday, January 17, 2018

How To Fix Vertical Video Footage

Tweet “How do I flip my vertical video?”a client asked me recently after he had used his smartphone and shot his marketing video vertically. “Is there some program out there that will flip my footage to horizontal?” The answer? You can’t and no there is no special program that I know of that can flip it […]

Shooting Video Interviews: What to do When Things Go Wrong

Tweet This is the last post in our series of the 13 guidelines to follow for shooting video interviews. We’ve covered not only the technical aspects, i.e., getting good audio, lighting, and framing the shot, but also planning what questions to ask, what they should wear, where they will sit, how to make the interviewee comfortable, why […]

Shooting Video Interviews: When The Interviewer Is Not On-Camera

Tweet We’re almost to the end of our 13 guidelines to shooting video interviews. We’ll wrap up with the last few, starting with what you can do when you find yourself in this common scenario: you are the camera operator AND the interviewer. In that case, it’s obvious that you can’t be on camera at […]

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