Sunday, January 21, 2018

Shooting Video Interviews: What to do When Things Go Wrong

Tweet This is the last post in our series of the 13 guidelines to follow for shooting video interviews. We’ve covered not only the technical aspects, i.e., getting good audio, lighting, and framing the shot, but also planning what questions to ask, what they should wear, where they will sit, how to make the interviewee comfortable, why […]

Shooting Video Interviews: Framing Your Shot

Tweet In this post, I am continuing in our series of 13 guidelines to shooting video interviews. Today I’m going to talk about framing your shots. Framing Interview Shots To make your video interviews interesting yet not distracting, you want to follow a couple of framing guidelines specific to interviews. Staying on the same shot, like a […]

Shooting Video Interviews: 3 Common Interview Shots

Tweet I’ve been going through our 13 guidelines to shooting video interviews. Here’s a quick recap of the first 9 guidelines. 1) Make The Interviewee Comfortable 2) Get Acquainted Before You Begin 3) Consider the Interviewee’s Chair 4) Develop Interview Questions 5) Pay Attention to Wardrobe 6) How to Set Up The Side-By-Side Interview 7) Audio […]

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