Sunday, January 21, 2018

Shooting Video Interviews – How To Light Your Subject

Tweet Let’s do a recap of what we’ve covered in our series of 13 guidelines to shooting video interviews: 1) you have found out how to shoot better quality video interviews by learning why you want to make your interviewee comfortable and how to do that; 2) we shared why it is important to the quality of the interview […]

Want To Make Your Talent Look Like A Movie Star? Here’s How…

Tweet One of the best things about attending NAB is the quality and talent of the people exhibiting on the trade show floor. While many are sales people very knowledgeable about their product line and eager to explain and demonstrate all the features, I’ve learned that many people representing the booths come from the industry […]

Lighting Your Videos: You Need To Use This On A Bright Sunny Day

Tweet Lighting is definitely an area you need to address in order to be a good video producer. (The other essentials we’ve covered include needing a plan, a script, stabilization equipment, and a microphone (or decent audio recorder). To get what you want in a shot, additional lighting equipment will be also be necessary and last […]

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