Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Finding a Good Topic Hinges On This

Tweet Finding a good topic – and being successful – hinges on this…getting active and engaged in the world. Be interested. The fact that you’re reading this and are interested in learning how to find a good topic to produce tells me you probably are following this strategy. You have to be actively interested in […]

Picking A Topic For Your How-To Video? 3 Steps To Targeting A Profitable Niche

Tweet Choosing the right topic to produce your special interest, educational or how-to video is an essential element to being profitable in this industry. I’ve outlined 3 foundational steps you must do before you plan your production. Whatever you do, do NOT start planning your production

Google Alerts: How To Find A Profitable Niche For Your Special Interest Video

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Tweet Research is crucial in finding a profitable niche for your Special Interest or Non-Fiction video as well as in marketing it. One of the best free research tools I’ve found is Google Alerts.

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