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Types of Microphones: What Video Microphone Should You Get First?

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Tweet We get asked a lot about what type of microphone someone new to video should get. I love it when someone asks because it tells me they get it that their on-camera mic won’t help their videos sound and look professional. That’s why I always recommend that you use an external microphone and there […]

Headphones: Why You Need To Have a Good Pair on EVERY Video Shoot

Tweet Good headphones are one of the most often overlooked item I see many people not use when shooting their videos. I’ve been guilty of this myself (didn’t want to mess my hair up!) and often rued the consequences (wonked out audio!). If you want better quality video, you HAVE to focus on your audio […]

A Good Mic – Here’s Why It’s a Video Essential

Tweet In our series on the 9 essential tools you need in order to be a good video producer, we’ve covered needing a plan, a script and stabilizer, i.e., tripod, monopod, etc. It’s time to move onto the 4th essential – a microphone (or decent audio recorder). A Good Mic Since audio is 50% of the […]

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