Saturday, January 20, 2018

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Are you an expert in some area? Do you have special skills or knowledge that others would want to have? Would you like to publish and sell videos about these special skills or knowledge? We teach you how at the SPECIAL INTEREST VIDEO ACADEMY.

If you have special skills or knowledge, chances are there are people who would love to know what you know and they’re willing to pay for it. Why not take that knowledge, put it into a video and allow like-minded people the world over to benefit from your experience! Instead of training one-on-one, you could reach thousands of people and the message will be available for years. Imagine how many people’s lives you can influence and change in this manner.[list style=”arrowred”]

    • The great news is it doesn’t take much more than your imagination to get started, so don’t let equipment concerns or lack of experience keep you from joining us. We’ll tell you all about what you need and you’ll be surprised how easy it is to get started.
    • You may even already have what you need. The first step is understanding the wide open opportunities and then narrowing your choices down to something that has a high chance of success and that you can accomplish economically. We devote several lessons to help with that critical step.[/list]

By joining the Special Interest Video Academy you’ll have full access to a wealth of resources unlike anything that has previously been available to video entrepreneurs. The core of the initial program will be a series of 16 classes that progressively take you from the very beginning through producing and marketing your own videos, with a strong emphasis on the part that stops most people from getting started – marketing. Each week’s lessons are composed of several videos, workbooks, checklists, pdf files and assignments.

Jump on over to the SPECIAL INTEREST VIDEO ACADEMY now and learn more.

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