Wednesday, February 21, 2018


On Camera Lighting

The Rotolight Interview Kit is the ultimate, self-contained 2 piece lighting kit for close up video work. The kit contains:

  • 2 – Rotolights RL48-A
  • 2 – Rotolight Stand
  • 1 – RL48-CFP Color Filter Pack
  • 1 – RL48-ABP Accessory Belt Pouch

It’s a ring light like one of those that you can can put around the camera lens that give a nice, even light on your subject’s face. This one pushes on to the foam baffle of industry-standard microphones and sits above the camera lens. This solves the problem of having only one accessory shoe on your camera but needing to mount both a light and an external microphone. It also give you a little bit of directionality to the light.

They also have a single light set up that comes with the travel pouch for $100 less.

Amazon price: $299

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