Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Hosting Videos On Your Website

How To Host Videos For Your Website

We highly recommend hosting your own videos on your website. Using videos you’ve uploaded to YouTube works fine in some cases, but there are some compelling reasons why you don’t want to use them for your entire web marketing strategy.

We post our own Flash movies a lot and like the control we have over where the viewer goes when the video is finished. (If it’s a YouTube video, one of your competitor’s videos may display and your viewer may click on it and away from your site he or she goes!) One of the easily managed downsides of hosting your own videos is when you reach a certain amount of traffic you may have problems. This can be easily and very economically managed.

You can store your video files on Amazon’s S3 storage system. You can get an account with them directly and it’s a very inexpensive way to host your videos and other files and serve them robustly, all over the world. To put your files on Amazon S3 is a bit cumbersome though.

For doing that, we use and absolutely love a service called eZs3. It makes putting your files up there, adding a player and managing them really easy. You also get detailed reports on viewer numbers and the ability to add services such as Underlays and Overlays that guide viewers to other areas of your website or your order page. I highly recommend you give eZs3 a try. You can try them out for a month for only a $1.

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