Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Home Video Studio: Basic Lighting Setups

Home video studio basics start with the lighting.

Several people have asked us lately what they need to set up a simple home video studio.  The good news is it doesn’t have to be expensive.

All of this information is assuming you’re wanting to record yourself in your home. The smaller light kits I’m suggesting are fine for that application but would not be enough light if you want to light yourself in a larger setting, like in front of an audience. If you want to do that you’ll want the bigger light kits.

You can certainly spend more on bigger and more powerful light kits; these suggestions are for basic home video studio use.

Photo backdrops are readily available and give you a very wide range of looks. Search on “photo backdrops” on Amazon.com and you’ll see many options.

By combining these inexpensive lighting kits with some painted muslin or solid color backdrops you will go a long way toward making your videos look like a professional studio.




Here’s a simple, inexpensive light kit. This retails on Amazon.com for $55.95





Here is a much more complete light kit: I like that it includes a hair or rim light. You’ll be paying more for this – $220 at Amazon.com.











Here is an inexpensive backdrop stand in case you want to add photo backdrops. It retails for $54.99 on Amazon.com.






Here is a very inexpensive setup which includes a backdrop holder and a black, a white and a green backdrop. You can get it at Amazon.com for $151.43.







I like this for a super budget package because it has two lights for the model (key and fill light) plus two lights so that you can even light your background for easy Chromakeying. It isn’t a ton of light buy is adequate and is super affordable.

Retails $169.99 at Amazon.com.






You can purchase additional painted backdrops like this for $24.95 at Amazon.com.


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