Friday, February 16, 2018

Portable Sound Booths

Portable Sound Booths we recommend.

Editors Keys Portable Vocal Booth ‘Home Version’

(If you click through and don’t see it right away, look for the Portable Vocal Booth, either the Pro or Home version.)

Portable Vocal Booth Home Version

This portable sound booth  attaches itself to your own microphone stand and allows for great recording conditions every time. The specially moulded foam has been shaped and processed in a way which not only helps to create dry vocals, but to also prevent exterior noise such as traffic noise or air conditioning entering into your mic.

Both the home and pro models are on sale as I write this, making them quite affordable. You’ll also find some good microphone choices and pop screens. We like these so much we are affilates for them.

The Original Porta-Booth Sound BoothAnother, more portable option is the original Porta-Booth Portable Sound Booth from Harlan Hogan’s Voiceover Essentials. This clever portable sound booth collapses for easy storage or transportation. The concept behind this is that “you don’t have to build a vocal booth big enough for both the mic & the performer – just the mic!”

The photo to the left is of the portable version, which is only $129.00. There is also a professional version which you can see at their website. You’ll also find a number of microphones and assorted home recording equipment at this site.

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