Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Video Resources For Marketers Cruise Members

Here is a list of resources that you will find helpful. Most of them are pertinent to video producers, but there are also some good, general links for internet marketers as well. Compiled by Rick Smith, Perry Lawrence and Thomas Roberts. Enjoy! daily video blog industry news Another news source for the DSLR community Lots of good stuff from jarrod Gear + lots of industry news relating to DSLR Another really good source Twitter dude Pro shooter from Hong Kong

**** Prime Lens kit -very expensive amazing stills guy who NOW shoots video Master photo + Film DSLR Shooter The “leader” of the revolution Canon Lens – great descriptions – Jasmine also has an amazing blog to read Film DP and teacher Stu is a famous visual artitst/FX person – Film school (just an fyi) (same guys as above) (another home schooler type) Low end solutions DIY, interesting stuff Some good content. He has a really good FREE pdf that is excellent Filmmaking for Indy features Good guys at this site LOTS of 5D/DSLR (tutorials)

Audio Tunes



Magic ARM Kit

VARI ND Filter

Batteries for T2i from Ebay
Zipper Gears from Zacuto
(this is a better and stronger solution that JAG gears) (Adapters for lens) Bruce Dorn’s Company – entry solution lots of gadgets, DSLR gear- reasonably priced

Shooting with NATIVE ISO’s

______________________________________________________________________________ WordPress plugin to backup and DUPLICATE a site on other locations. Socrates WordPress theme. I use and like it. Automatically creates backups of your WordPress site to Amazon S3 A great place to get production tracks, loops and sound effects A great place to get inexpensive photos, illustrations and graphics. Now they are starting to introduce videos, too. Lots of textures and tools for websites. A free texture library. Very extensive. Lots of free photos.

Google Adwords Keyword Tool Absolutely great tool for finding keywords.

7” HDMI Monitor for $379

On Demand Theme (and other video centric themes)

BigFeature Theme (super flexible)

The Cine City (more dslr gear)

Indi Systems

Movie Slate (has just been upgraded to offer a TON more – worth getting that iPad for!)

Focus Enhancements FS- line

Libec Tripod

Airlift Adjustable Bistro Table

Airlift Stool (I have this in black)

Green Screen Material (Foam Backed)

C-Stand on Ebay

Sonicfire Pro Scoring System

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