Sunday, January 21, 2018

How To Be More Comfortable On Camera Video Course

Thanks for signing up for your free course – How To Be More Comfortable On Camera. We offer this course through our Video Marketing Resource Center.

We could have just as easily call this course “How To Be More Confident On Camera” or “How To Look More Professional On Camera” or even “How To Be More Effective On Camera.” It all comes down to being comfortable, confident and relaxed when that little red record light comes on.

You probably already know that videos are a very effective tool in online marketing. In fact, video is becoming an expected component of a good website. However, many people freeze or get awkward when in front of a video camera. This short course will help you overcome your fear of the camera and become a star performer.

In part 1, we reveal one of the most powerful secrets to overcoming camera jitters:

In part 2, you’ll learn that you don’t have to get it right the first time.  Here’s why …

Part 3 – OK, the lights are on, the camera is rolling, how are you doing?  Learn how to give a polished performance …

In the final video in this short 4 part series you’ll learn how you can add spice to your videos simply and easily. It’ll make them more effective, more enjoyable to watch and…more memorable.

Good luck and get on camera today!

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