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21 of Our Best Email Subject Lines and Why They Worked So Well

Best-Subject-LinesWe’re all barraged with email and have to be selective about what we read and what we toss into the trash, unopened. What is it that makes you want to open an email?

Back in the days before email existed I was using direct mail marketing. We had the same challenge of getting our mail opened. I learned that what was written on the outside of the envelope or catalog was the key to keeping my expensive mailing piece out of the trash can. It was the thing that must quickly grab the recipient’s attention and make the item seem relevant, the same thing that the email subject line must do today.

That why I want to talk to you today about the importance of your email’s subject line. After all, it’s the best way to judge the content on the inside.

When using email marketing of your videos and products, you don’t want to be one of those ignored or deleted emails in your subscribers’ in-boxes. The best way to do that is to make sure your email subject lines work for you in getting them opened.

What better way to learn how to do that than by examining our best performing email subject lines. As you will see, not all of these emails were for selling something. Many times you want to send emails to your list to give them information, tips, or updates so I included the subject lines that worked well for those too. All of these had above average open rates from 25% to 50%.*

1)   I need your help…

We’ve used this a few times – with great success – when we wanted testimonials, feedback, shares, and reviews. It is amazing how many people will help you out if you only ask. Be careful that you don’t overuse this though as that can backfire.

2)   I need your input. Would you check out our new site and let me know what you think

People like to share their opinion. It is a great way to hear from your prospects and customers to find out what they really think and want. Plus they feel honored that you asked them, making this a great way to build relationships.

3)   Who would buy your video?

We used this one for one of our weekly How To Sell Your Videos newsletter announcement. If you are sending out an eZine, increase your opens by posing some good questions that relate to your main topic. We’ve found that it isn’t enough these days to just say “News from XYZ” or “Weekly Digest from XYZ” to get your subscribers to open. You want to give them a good reason to do so.

Using questions work well because it is in people’s nature to answer and then see how their answer compares to others. The best questions to ask are open ended questions that can’t be answered with a simple yes and no.

4)   Why am I so picky about this? (And why you should be too!)

This is another way of asking a question. Usually we recommend having the message be about them by using the word “you” in the subject line, but this is proved another way to pose a question utilizing “I” that worked well for us and got us 33% opens for that newsletter.

5)   Want better videos? You need to invest in this…

We found in using this subject line that if you do ask a close-ended question, follow it up with something enticing to encourage them to click through to see the answer.

6)   Florida Crackers Is A “Must See”

Being direct worked in this case. It piqued interest in a new DVD, Florida Crackers: The Cattlemen And Cowboys of Florida, that we started selling. Our customers had to ask, “What IS this video I must see?” So they clicked through…and bought!

7)   Did you miss it? Florida Crackers Is A “Must See”

We sent this a few days after the first one was sent. This one also had a great open rate with the added question. People don’t want to miss out of something good either.

8)   Don’t make these mistakes in your next marketing campaign…

We found with this newsletter subject line that “warnings” are good too.

9)   I’m letting the cat out of the bag…

I think this worked really well because it combined curiosity with self-interest.

10) Try this simple yet incredibly powerful exercise to realize your dreams

Again, this was sent to our eZine list and promised action that would help the reader. One of the best selling topics is personal development so I had a feeling this would appeal.

11) The future of Florida – Special opportunity on October 8th and 9th

One of our lists is 75% from Florida so this one hit home. We were actually promoting an event we weren’t a part of but it gave value to our list and was a great excuse to stay on their radar.

12) Make Money While On Vacation

Used the very successful “Make Money” line to showcase several video tips we have on how to shoot video while on vacation and turn that into video products. And who wouldn’t want to make more money while they were on vacation?

13) 3 Audio Tips From A Sound Professional

People like tips. You can never send enough of these types of emails out. Other ones along this line that had high open rates were 3 Reasons You Need To Build Your List and 9 Promotional Uses of Video.

Hint: Use odd numbers in your lists…statistics show that people click on posts that include odd numbers over even numbers. Don’t know why that is but I have tested it and it seems to hold true.

14) Canon T2i Review

Surprisingly simple but we found that reviews are very popular. Is there a product related to your video you can review?

15) On Being Thankful and Improving Your Bottom Line

We sent this one out at Thanksgiving. It’s a spin on just saying thanks; it piqued interest in how doing that can give your pocketbook a boost.

16) In Search Of The Holy Grail Of HD Cameras

I know How To Sell Your Videos list is really interested and responsive to video camera news so it didn’t surprise me that this was a well received subject line. Is there a topic your list has shone high interest in?

17) Don’t miss this special opportunity for Christmas sales!

This was sent to bookstores and gift shops and other distribution outlets. It built urgency which is always good to use.

18) Patrick Smith Special Offer ONLY For Preferred Customers

People like being a part of an exclusive group. Who were are preferred customers you ask? They were the people on our list who had purchased from us before.

19) New Best Seller for A Land Remembered Fans

We used this to announce a new book that we were offering to one of our lists. This one used the popularity of my father’s book A Land RememberedIt implied that if you are a fan of that book, you’ll likely want to read this new book too.

20) I Thought Every Videographer Knew This…What I’ll Reveal At WEVA

This was sent to our list when I was going to be speaking at an event at the Wedding and Event Videographers Association Expo. Because most of my list would probably not be going to the conference, they were obviously interested in what I was going to reveal. It was like they were invited in on something only another special group was privy too.

21) Take A Magical Journey Through “Old Florida” AND Save 20%

This was sent out for our A Sense of Place video. It was sent out for the holiday sales season. We do not put this video on sale very often so getting it at a great price was an incentive. It also appeals to a lot of my customers because it implies that the viewer will get to see something magical and reminisce about a place they grew up with.

I hope this has stimulated your awareness of how not only how important your subject line is but also give you some good ideas for yours. You should spend considerable time writing those few words that will get your email opened. If you do it well your email will be opened more often and you’ll make more sales.

*Upon examining over 200 million emails average industry rates from Constant Contact customers, marketing industry email open rates average 15% and retail (including online) business open rates average 17%.

3 Types of Headline Formulas That SELL

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It’s been said that first impressions are everything and in the online marketing world of today, they are even more important than ever. One of the ways to make your first impression is your headline on your landing page.

Your headlines are MEANT to grab people’s attention so keep that front and center when you are coming up with them. You want to make it EASY for people to know what you can do for them and communicate this in ONE simple sentence. You want to entice them to read further and show what you have to offer and how it may be right for them.

While there are many ways to do this, here are THREE proven headline formulas that consistently grab people’s attention.

How-to Headlines

How To De-Stress In 10 Minutes!

I love how-to headlines. They get me every time and they probably do that to you too. It’s because people love information that shows them how to do something. If your video or product is sharing information, this one is a definite headline you want to try. To create them, think of the benefits your video or product offers. I also feel the best include specific time frames as in “in 30 days” and or money savings “for pennies a day.” That is what we

Question Headlines

How Do You Stop Your Dog From Jumping On People?

Question headlines are powerful because they beg for an answer. People are drawn to answering questions so these headlines automatically gets your readers involved in your message. They will want to read further to see what answer the is, did they get it right or what is the answer or solution you provide with your product. Make it customer focused. Use “you” in it not “I.” Open ended questions are best – those are ones that can’t be answered with a yes or no. However if you do go the yes/no question route, make sure you answer it immediately in the headline or phrase it so that your prospect has to read further to answer it. For example, you can say “Drowning in Debt? Find Answers Here,” or “Having Retirement Worries? This Video Can End Them.”

Also using words like “this” or “these” or even “which” are helpful in implying an answer or benefit within the question. “Do You Make These Money Mistakes?” will likely get your prospect reading further.

Benefit Headlines

Clear Up Your Acne In 1 Day!

Do you offer something so special that will not only make your prospect’s key problem better but which they can’t easily get somewhere else? Using a powerful, compelling benefit headline may work for you. For these types of headlines, think about the top benefit you offer and include it. Make sure you must have done your homework in order to know what benefit will motivate your prospect/s to take action. Some other benefit headline examples are “Save More Money for Your Retirement – Starting Today!” and “Sleep Better Instantly With This Simple Trick!”

Make sure you are focusing on the BENEFITS and not features, i.e., a factual statement about the product or service being promoted like online download, easy reading book, etc. Features DO NOT entice customers to buy. Benefits do because it answers the question “What’s in it for me?” meaning the feature provides the customer with that something of value. For example, the benefit of an “online download,” is “access to immediate information on how to start saving more money for retirement.”

Once you come up with a bunch of headlines, you’ll want to test them on different landing pages and see how they work for you.

You want your visitors and prospects to know you have something they’re interested in. When they do, they’ll take the time to read what you’re offering. So put some thought into creating headlines that intrigue and attract.

Action Steps:

  • List all the features of your video or product then come up with the benefit of that feature.
  • Experiment with these 3 different headline formulas. I find it helpful to use a headline generator such as Headline Magician, a free online headline generator.

Recommended Reading:

3 Action Steps to Optimizing Your YouTube Channel

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Are you getting the most out of your YouTube channel? Since Google owns YouTube, they work in unison. YouTube is in itself a search engine and you want to be found there as well. To do that, you need to start with your channel.

In this video I share 3 action steps for optimizing your channel that you can do today.

I share with you:

Tweet: The number one item your YouTube channel name HAS to contain @KimRMiller

  • The number one item your YouTube channel name HAS to contain;
  • What you need to do in your channel description;
  • How you add channel keywords to your overall channel (I take you behind the scenes to see how easy that is done).

(If you can’t view this video on this page, you can watch it here on YouTube.)

Ideally you want to do these steps BEFORE you start sharing and posting your videos on the channel. If you’ve had a channel for a while, go to it now and see how well you have it optimized. Then come back here and share your channel in the comments section below.

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