Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Where Can You Find Free Photographs You Can Use In Your Videos?

Photo Credit: Jessica Gale, MorgueFile

Photo Credit: Jessica Gale, MorgueFile

Do you need some photos for your videos, blog posts, or marketing materials and have a small budget? Here are 2 sites we use that offer large libraries of free royalty-free photos you can use in your projects. [Note that I say “royalty-free”. While there are a lot of photos you can download off the internet, unless you have permission to use them, you shouldn’t. You don’t want to get a copyright claim on a video you have for sale or even one you are using for marketing. Plus it isn’t fair and it’s against the law.] These sites are great to use as they do not restrict your use of the photos besides using them in your own collection for resale, and may require attribution which is easy to do by putting their name either on the photo or in your video credits.

1) MorgueFile

While most of these photos are not shot by professionals, many do look pretty good. Also the library is so large that I almost always find something I can use. Make sure to read the MorgueFile‘s terms of use.

2) Wikimedia Commons

This collection has millions of usable photos and video files, searchable by keyword and category. Most of the images are submitted by individuals and some require attribution. Each photo will have its own terms of use so make sure you read that before downloading and using.

Here are a few more sites that I have heard of but have not personally used:

We also have found many free photos that we can use on one of our favorite stock photo agencies, Even if you don’t find a free one there that you can use, you’ll find that the fees are very reasonable and the library is huge.

What free photo sites have you found? Please comment and share below!

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