Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Shooting Video Interviews: Tips For Doing a Side-by-Side Interview

Joe-&-RickIn this series of 13 guidelines to shooting video interviews, you have found out how to shoot better quality video interviews by discovering the following; why you want to make your interviewee comfortable and how to do that, why it is important to the quality of the interview to get acquainted with the person first before you start filming, what type of questions should be asked and how to prepare them, where you want to place your interviewee and what you should have them wear and more importantly, what they shouldn’t wear to the interview.

Today, I’m going to talk about another interviewing scenario – the side-by-side interview.

For some interviews, you may want to have one or more people on-camera at the same time. This makes the set up a bit more complex. Here are a few tips to make it easier for you:

Microphone Considerations

On each person, attach the mics as far apart from each other as possible, but close to the mouth. This reduces echo if the two mics are mixed together. Later the audio tracks can be mixed separately. In an emergency, if you have only one lavalier, attach the mic high on the shoulder of the person with the softest voice, on the side toward the other person.

If you are using a shotgun mic, put it on a mic stand and aim it between them if you don’t have a boom operator.

Lighting Considerations

Put the lighter complexion person farther from the light source. (Do this as they sit down.) If shooting a dark skinned person you may need to add light or adjust exposure for good skin tone and detail. If one is taller and might block light on a shorter one, place the taller one farther from the light.

Next post, I’ll be sharing how to make your interview sound better.

Action Steps:

  • When using lavalier microphones, make sure you place them as far apart as possible while still being close to the mouth.
  • If you only have one lavaliere mic, place it high on the shoulder of the person with the softest voice towards the other person.
  • When using shotgun microphones, put it on a boom pole (if you have a boom operator) or mic stand.
  • Shine more light on the person with the darker complexion.
  • Make sure the taller person is not blocking the light source of the shorter person by placing him farther from the light.


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