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Keynote for Mac: Here is Why it’s the ONLY Presentation Software Worth Using

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I absolutely love working with Keynote for Mac . In my book, it’s the ONLY presentation software worth using.

Yes, I’m a Mac user, have been since they started selling personal computers. But that isn’t the only reason I use Keynote which at this time is only available for the Mac. When I first started working with presentation software, I worked with PowerPoint. I never really liked it all that much. For simple presentations, it was fine.

When I started to put together a multimedia show that I was going to present to audiences throughout Florida in January 2013, I bought Keynote and put together a show that really impressed my audiences. I’ve been a convert ever since. Recently I upgraded and there is even MORE you can do with it.

I made this 10 minute video to show you…

  • What I’ve personally done with it;
  • What it can do;
  • How it works.

(If you can’t view this video on this page, you can watch it here on YouTube.)

When I went to research if Keynote is available on PCs, I discovered how popular Keynote was, even among PC and PowerPoint users. Many said that it made PowerPoint look clunky and unprofessional. When one poster complained that it wasn’t available for a PC, one Keynote user’s response was, “Well, it’s simple, get a Mac!”

While I don’t advocate investing in a Mac just to use Keynote, if you are a Mac owner and do presentations (Hint: presentations are wonderful for making screen capture videos you can sell or use in your marketing), look into getting Keynote for Mac.

Any other Keynote users out there? I’d love to hear what you think and see what you’ve done. Please share below!


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