Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Promotional Video: Here’s How To Gain Trust and Get People To Buy From You

In my last video, you discovered the many ways you can interview people on camera and use those videos in your promotional efforts. You also found how you can leverage them to enhance your online reputation.

Now we’re turning to another type of video that will get you noticed…producing videos to educate your prospects. 

In this video I share how:

  • Offering tips or tutorial is another powerful use of promotional web video;
  • It is one of the best ways to get your prospect’s trust;
  • This strategy will also increase traffic to your website;
  • To come up with information you can share on these videos (and why you shouldn’t worry about giving to much away!).


(If you can’t view this video on this page, you can watch it here on YouTube.)

What type of educational and informational video do you find works well for your product or service? Please share below.

In the next video in this series, we’ll look into producing videos specifically to address questions prospects and customers may have about your product.


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