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Promotional Video Just Like The Movies Do It? Here’s How…

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Previously I shared a video about producing sample promotional videos and how you want to structure them to make them work for your marketing efforts.

Today, I’m turning to another type of marketing video…the trailer.

I love movie trailers, for me that’s one of the highlights of going to a movie, I hate it when I’m running late and miss them.

You can do something similar with your promotional videos quite easily.

I this video I share:

  • How they differ from a sample video;
  • What elements you need to have in them;
  • How you can make them on a budget

(If you can’t view this video on this page, you can watch it here on YouTube.)

Next, we’ll look into creating welcome videos and cover many uses for these types of videos. 

Recommended Resources – find editors, animators, and narrators for only $5

Animoto and VideoHive have trailer templates already done for you.


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