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Engaging Your Customers to Increase Your Trade Show Sales

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We take a “multimedia” approach to marketing our products. While we rely heavily on internet sales, we have found that getting out and being face-to-face with our customers is a very effective to build your customer base and make sales. One of the options we use occasionally is exhibiting at trade shows.

Trade show display

The Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) does surveys on trade show attendees and one of the primary reasons people attend is to see new products that will benefit them. Hundreds of people may walk by your booth, but capturing the attention of a few who will convert into paying customers is your goal. The booth layout, signs, banners and product discussions are your marketing tools. Here are a few suggestions on how to best use those tools to get more video sales with your next trade show:

Get Your Booth Noticed

As the base of your operations in a trade show, you want your booth to be noticed by attendees. When people see your booth, you want them to know what you are promoting and why your videos are good for them. When you make people curious, they’ll be drawn to your booth to find out more.

For instance, start with a banner raised up high on the back wall. You want people across the room to see your booth and begin thinking about it. “Get A Jump Start On Heart Health With Our Videos” might be a banner you put up if you’re selling videos about cardiac rehab exercise. The banner says what you are selling with the suggestion that health and heart issues are involved.

Someone recovering from a heart procedure who sees your banner a few aisles away has some time to think about it before they get to your booth. They may have already sold themselves on your videos before they even get there.

Make People Stop With Your Message

Make it easy for people walking down the aisle to pick out your booth. Some booths put signs up on the back and a person has to be almost in front of it before they notice the company. Use signs mounted on stands that can be turned so that people can see you while walking up the aisle. Companies such as Postup Stand have stands and banners that can help get your booth noticed. Create a level of excitement in people before they get in front of your booth with signs they can see from different perspectives in the trade show space.

Engage Your Future Customers

Ask people questions that keep them in front of your booth. Don’t rely on a video playback loop or brochures to do that. Questions should pull information from a person, and not just a “yes” or “no”, says the New York Times. “How long ago was your heart procedure?”, “What exercises have you been doing since you left the hospital?” and “What have been your biggest challenges during your recovery?” will draw out a lot of information about an individual.

While they are telling you their story, you are qualifying them as a potential consumer of your videos, and why. Don’t leave it up to the customer to decide how your product will benefit them. From the information you gather, explain how your product will ultimately help them.

Be Prepared

For you to maximize the sale of your videos at a trade show, you and everyone else working in the booth need to be prepared, recommends Inc. Having your nephew who’s home on college break sit in the booth one afternoon won’t do much for you unless he has all of the training and skills needed to engage people as mentioned above.

Weeks prior to the trade show, come up with questions and practice them on each other. You know your videos inside and out. Now come up with reasons why they benefit a particular individual. Don’t just make up a list of generic benefits. Be prepared to tell people which videos specifically benefit them and how.

Author: Blake Taylor

Blake is a day trader who closely follows, and writes about, fiscal policy. When he does step away from his computer, he likes to cook.

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