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Promotional Video – Show Them What They’ll Get Through This Type Of Video

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What type or style of promotional video should you produce? In an earlier post I answered what type or style of web video you should produce for your business. Now I turn to one of the types you need to consider.

One of the best uses for promotional videos is to show your prospects what they’ll get if they buy from you.

In this short video, I share how this type of video greatly improves your sales and what it needs to have so that it will be a powerful promotional tool for you.

(If you can’t view this video on this page, you can watch it here on YouTube.)

Next week, I’ll talk about another fun way to edit your video and make it a great promotional tool.

I’d like to hear from you. What other types of promotional videos can you think of and what have you done successfully? Share your comments below.


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