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Why Should You Consider Selling Your Own Videos? Is There Really a Market For These?

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SellingYourVideosWhile we were at our book signing at NAB this past April, we had a gentleman come up to us afterward. He wasn’t aware of our book but was in the market for a camera and was eyeing the one we had, our Canon Vixia HF G10. It turned out he wasn’t a videographer at all but had an idea of developing programming to send to television stations and needed a camera (he actually wanted 3!) that would give him the quality broadcasters require for televising. After coming to NAB, he realized that many of those cameras were way out of his budget range.

Upon talking to him, we discovered that his real desire was to monetize and sell his video segments on his own. His thought was that he had to start by getting picked up by a broadcaster and go from there. Imagine his excitement when he started talking to us and realized he had many more avenues to choose from! (And yes, he walked away with our book, Shoot To Sell: Make Money Producing Special Interest Videos).

Producing your own videos and making money off of them is not as impossible as it sounds. You really can make extra money as a sideline to your business or turn it into a full-time business. 

We call this genre of our business special interest videos, or SIVs for short, but I’ve also heard them described as non-fiction, which admittedly is very diverse. In our definition, SIVs can be histories, documentaries, or nature programs. You find exercise, “kidvid”, safety, tutorial, travel, cooking, training videos, and more on the market under the SIV category. They can be edu-tainment, sometimes weaving in a fictional story line but with the intent to educate and inform – think about those programs you see with all the historical re-enactments. SIVs educate, entertain and inspire…and they sell like crazy.

The market for these videos is in the billions and growing, and that doesn’t include all the video programs delivered via the web! Although media corporations and television channels produce many of these videos, ordinary people like you and me are also producing the vast majority of them. In fact, people like us have the broadcasting industry starting to tremble because people are watching programming on all sorts of devices rather than strictly television!

The great news is you don’t have to be a large production studio, or even know how to use a video camera to get in the game! With the internet and its growing technology for web delivery, there has never been a better time to produce and sell non-fiction or special interest videos. I still find it incredible that average folks today can produce videos, create their own web channel and be delivering videos to audiences all around the world. You don’t have to create and ship inventory or even speak to your customers. That is so exciting!

So what type of videos would you like to produce? Tell us what you are interested in producing in the comments below.

Next week I’m going to talk about why you would want to consider producing special interest videos.

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