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Make More Money: The Shoot it Once, Sell it for Years Method

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StreamsOfIncomeLast week I started talking about how you don’t have to have a large studio or spend tons to make more money producing and selling your own videos.

Today I’m continuing along those lines and how we like to structure our business this way.

Our Business Model – “Shoot It Once, Sell It For Years”

Our business model is simple: you keep producing a stream of programs that have a long potential shelf life, sometimes as long as 15 to 20 years or more. We call these “evergreen” because they don’t change or become obsolete quickly. The goal is to produce a body of programs that all contribute to your gross income. All of these streams of income feed into a flowing river. By producing multiple titles you even out the ups and downs of individual sales cycles, particularly if some of your titles sell more during one time of year, such as the Christmas gift season, than others

As a videographer, these past few years of tough economic times may have you spending more time looking for clients rather than creating video productions and that really affects your passion for your craft. If you’re at that point, it’s time to consider all opportunities to keeping your excitement for video alive…and make more money doing it.

This also holds true if you’re a coach, trainer or in another service based business where you feel like you scramble after your clients and wish there was a way to reach more people who would benefit from your business or product.

Producing special interest videos is a perfect sideline where you can overcome these limitations of the service business. For starters, unlike the video production service business, the special interest video business lets you profit, over and over again, by selling your program to interested customers around the world – without leaving your home.

For less than $20 a month, you can have your own eCommerce site that sells your line of videos around the clock. Or you can work with distributors and resellers who do it for you and send you checks. That’s why we call this our “Shoot It Once, Sell It For Years” business model. This is a model we’ve successfully used for many years and are now helping others attain who want to produce and sell their videos. We have over 150 original articles on the subject how to make money with video. You can also get started with training at our  Special Interest Video Academy.

If you’ve been in a service business you know that with that industry model, you or your staff can only help a limited amount of clients in a day (trading hours for dollars) or if you’re in a video production business, you most likely are really only able to produce a program for one client at a time. Then when that program is delivered, or that client is satisfied and you get your final payment, you won’t make any more money on something that you probably poured your heart into. Your model is providing service one to one and your income potential is limited to only the number of clients you can handle and the hours in a day.

The potential long shelf life of special interest video titles is a key benefit of this business. With a carefully chosen topic you can enjoy residual income from your work for many years, even decades. Imagine spending as little as a week or two producing a video that sells for 20 years! My first instructional video, The Elements of Pruning, produced in 1981, is still selling today at $80 to the school market….a LOT longer than 20 years!

Our objective in choosing videos to produce is simple: choose a topic that will have a high chance of success and which will produce income for many years. We don’t limit our topics to ones we think will be huge: just a good steady income over a long period of time is OK. Repeat the process over and over again.

Next week I’m going to dig deeper into ALL the benefits of producing and selling special interest videos.


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