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Make Money With Videos: More Benefits To Selling Special Interest Videos

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StreamsOfIncomeLast week I answered the question of why you’d want to start producing and selling your own titles. Today I’m continuing along those lines and explaining further why you should structure your business with multiple streams of income.

More Benefits Of Producing And Selling Your Own Videos

The best benefit to selling your own videos is the fact that you can put your effort into producing it once…and then sell it many times, again and again and again! This gets you out of the more limiting business model of trading hours for dollars.

Another great benefit is the freedom from those demanding clients you’d rather not work for – you know the ones I’m referring to – because you are the boss and your own client. What we’ve discovered is that over the last few years we’ve been able to really pick and choose the best clients in our service based video business because we now have a steady – and growing – stream of income from the video titles we sell. Imagine being able to say yes to only the more profitable and satisfying projects in your business. Plus we get our weekends back! (For those of you in the wedding videography business, you know what I mean!)

Along with that you get creative expression because you can do it your way. You can be pretty much in charge of the whole process, from beginning to end. For example, one title we produced wasn’t that sexy, Properties Of Soil, but we absolutely enjoyed the process of creating it! It brought together all of our creative and intellectual sides; researching, conceptualizing, scripting, story-boarding, working with people (the advisor, narrator, on-camera talent, etc.), shooting and editing. The fact that title alone has made more than $200,000 is pretty nice icing on the cake.

Your income is limited only by your enthusiasm and imagination. Let me tell you, as a creative person, there is great personal satisfaction in getting paid to produce your dream production or program. It is also highly likely that you may experience less competition for your titles than you do in your service business. In fact, you may not have any competition for your topic! That’s the dream product – a demand for the topic and little or no competition. Think of how many niches exist like that!

So how much can you make? We’ll go over that next week.

How has setting up your business with multiple streams of income helped you? Please share below!


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