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Beyond Web Video: 4 Ways Traditional Promotional Videos Can Help Your Business

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There are myriad ways you can deliver promotional videos to a large and receptive audience quickly. Thanks to the internet and web video marketing, you’re no longer stuck with the traditional avenue of producing commercials for broadcast. But don’t dismiss what I call offline video marketing methods. But first, I share why using promotional videos is your most powerful marketing tactic! 

In this short video you’ll find out:

  • What it is about video that is so powerful and why it’s a perfect medium for marketing
  • How video helps your marketing objective
  • What videos do that will increase a prospect’s trust in you and your product
  • the 4 ideas for creating offline promotional videos we’ll be sharing in this series of blog posts.

(If you can’t view this video on this page, you can watch it here on YouTube.)

Don’t just think web video marketing when you’re thinking promotional video. The offline world still has a lot of advertising punch! Next week we’ll start by talking about why you might want to look into producing commercials.



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