Tuesday, January 23, 2018

How to Turn Your Website into a Passive Income Stream

Camera BagWhile our focus is on making money from your videos primarily, it just makes sense to not stop there to build a profitable business. One thing you can do is set up websites specifically for an income stream. However, it takes a lot of work and time to get there, for example it took real estate investor Jeremy McCommons more than 10 years to get to that point. But if you’re up to the challenge, you can create a passive income stream from your website, too.

What Value is Your Website to Others?

You can’t put up a quick and dirty website with a few Google ads and hope to make decent money. The site must have value to the people who visit it. There also must be some reason for people to come back.

You may have stumbled onto blog sites that are so full of banner ads, pop up ads, flying and sliding ads that it takes forever for them to load. This approach is a purely numbers game. If you can get enough people to your site to click on something, you may make some money but in our experience, you may spend more time and money than you’ll ever get back in profits.

According to Blog Marketing Academy, maintaining a blog is one way to promote the your videos and other valuable products that you offer people. However creating a blog full of ads does not develop your business, brand, or reputation. Valuable content along with offering a giveaway (video course, report, newsletter, etc.) in exchange for their email addresses are the way a site increases traffic and keeps loyal followers. Your goal is to make the visitors glad they stopped by your site, not irritated that they had to close a half a dozen ads before they got to any content. (NOTE: This is one big reason to not use a free hosting service; you might have to put up with ads they display on your site and you may not have a choice as to where they go. For a few dollars a month, invest in a reputable hosting service. The Web Hosting Bluebook will help you understand clearly what Web hosting is and the services provided.)

Once you get people on your list, you can then send them emails to give them more valuable information and also market yourself and the affiliate products you recommend. If you set up your blog this way, it is in your best interest to limit your Google ads. You will make more money keeping them on your site, buying your stuff, than the few pennies you’ll make if they click off of your site through an ad.

Don’t Stop With One Stream

Your passive income stream will come from numerous sources on your site. Don’t stop at creating one video and think you’re done. Part of your work is to be creative in coming up with ways to add value to your site. Never stop brainstorming revenue streams. Here are a few things to start your creative brainstorming:

  • Produce an ebook. Do you have a year’s worth of blog entries that would be helpful to people? Services such as Book Smith will use your blog posts to create an ebook for you that you can offer for free as a download or charge for a printed copy.
  • Offer premium content. Create a subscription service for access to special content on your site. Or produce a newsletter that is a shortened version of a more comprehensive newsletter that people pay for.
  • Make sites pay you. Create your own affiliate program to sell your products. Other sites make a small commission and you sell more stuff!

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