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Your Video Tripod: What You NEED to Have

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A tripod is another one of those essential items that you need in order to shoot great video. Not all tripods are equal though. This is one area, in my opinion, where spending more is a good investment.

But what should you look for in a good quality video tripod?

First off, a tripod for your video camera is DIFFERENT than a tripod for your still camera. In this short video I shot while I was at the Sachtler booth at NAB, I show you what you need to have in your video tripod.

You’ll see:

  • Why a tripod designed for your still camera won’t work well for video;
  • Why the size of your camera is an important consideration in your tripod choice;
  • What makes a video tripod more stable;
  • What type of tripod head you want;
  • And why I prefer one type of leg adjustment to another.

(If you can’t view this video on this page, you can watch it here on YouTube.)

A good, quality tripod, like your microphones and lighting equipment, will last you for years and in my opinion is totally worth the money spent. Sachtler offers top notch tripods with prices starting around $500, other brands I’ve used and like include Manfrotto (affordable), Cartoni (expensive), Libec, Miller and OConnor (very expensive). If you are just starting out and have a limited budget, Manfrotto may be your best compromise between cost and quality.

Right now our favorite camera store, B&H Audio Video is offering a great price on the Sachtler Ace M Fluid Head with 2-Stage Aluminum Tripod & Mid-Level Spreader. Normally priced at $557, it’s now on sale for $489.


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