Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Want To Make Your Talent Look Like A Movie Star? Here’s How…

One of the best things about attending NAB is the quality and talent of the people exhibiting on the trade show floor. While many are sales people very knowledgeable about their product line and eager to explain and demonstrate all the features, I’ve learned that many people representing the booths come from the industry and have extensive experience and credentials in filmmaking, photography, editing, and production.

In fact, a trend I’ve seen is that it is the working professional who has learned a better way to do things, developed a piece of hardware or software to meet their needs, and has made the transition from working on productions to developing and marketing their own products, and what better arena to show them off than the National Association of Broadcasters? If you take the time to talk to them you can learn a lot. That’s what I found at the Hollywood Slider Dolly and VideoBlocks stock footage booth.

Today, I’m sharing with you a quick lesson from Emmy-winning lighting professional and educator, Bill Holshevnikoff who happened to be at the Chimera booth, showcasing his window pattern device he developed for Chimera. In just a couple of minutes Bill shares some really practical lighting tips, not only demonstrating how he uses the window patterns but also how less is more in a lighting situation. Follow this advice and you’ll have your talent looking like a movie star in no time. They’ll love you for it!

(If you can’t view this video on this page, you can watch it here on YouTube.)

If you find yourself lighting a set, whether for an interview, demonstration or dramatic scene, you’ll often want to throw a light pattern on the background to add interest and take care of dark areas without flooding them with light. The window patterns Bill demonstrates are perfect for this. You can buy individual window patterns like the Chimera Window Pattern for 24×24″ Frame or as an entire Chimera Window Pattern Kit.

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2 Responses to “Want To Make Your Talent Look Like A Movie Star? Here’s How…”
  1. Bill Mecca says:

    Great stuff. I know when I first started using a softbox it drove me crazy washing out the gelled lights I would put on the background. Less is more. 😉


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