Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Padcaster – Turn Your iPad Into a Mobile Video Production Studio

One of the things I love best about going to the annual NAB Show is discovering new video production tools…the Padcaster was one of those finds this year.

I shot this short video with the creator of The Padcaster, Josh Apter. Watch it to see why I was so excited about this new aluminum frame for the iPad. Not only does Josh take you through the features, he also shares:

  • the only way to shoot video on an iPad (Hint: it’s an app that gives you manual controls (at the 3 minute mark),
  • one of the coolest features of editing with the iMovie app (at 4 minute mark),
  • and how this strong yet lightweight aluminum frame goes beyond being a simple tripod mount turning your iPad into a mobile video production studio!

If you use your iPad for video, definitely consider The Padcaster to give you the advantages of shooting video on an iPad without breaking it.

As CNET states, “If you’re serious about producing videos with an iPad, the Padcaster is a must-have case.”



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