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This Track Dolly Caught My Eye…Find Out Why

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With all of the new cameras, software, lighting and bright, shiny objects to catch my attention at the NAB Show this year, the one that that really stuck out for me personally was a track dolly … the Hollywood Slider Dolly.

I own a tripod dolly that runs on PVC pipe. It is just OK. I’ve never been able to get a silky smooth dolly move with it. It jiggles a little bit, doesn’t start or stop smoothly, and just doesn’t deliver what I want in terms of camera movement. Plus, the tripod isn’t really very stable on it.

I’ve also worked with some of the “sliders” made by major names in the business. I have to admit that I have not been that impressed with them. I am also amazed at how expensive they are for a run of only 2 or 3 feet, actually less with the end stops. One in particular that I’ve been working with on a TV series for EWTN is such a pain to set up that we basically avoid using it, which is a real shame because I love those slow camera dolly shots.

The Hollywood  Slider Dolly solves all of those problems. It is as smooth as butter, quick and easy to set up and is priced very affordably. Also, instead of the short 2 or 3 feet length that other sliders offer, this baby comes with 6 feet of speed rail. I don’t think I can resist getting one.

In this video we talk with Ron Quigley, inventor of the Hollywood  Slider Dolly.

  • You’ll learn why other dolly systems don’t run smoothly and how this system overcomes that problem to offer smooth camera movements with its unique setup design;
  • You’ll learn how easy it is to use this system at any height;
  • You’ll learn why this system is quick and simple to set up.

Ron is really great about answering your questions, so if you are looking at adding this type of equipment to your video gear – it will go a LONG way to making your videos look more professional – check it out at Hollywood Slider Dolly.


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  1. kwkeirstead says:

    Clearly, this product was designed by someone who understands the issues.

    I have contacted the company with a couple of questions. As you say, it’s going to be difficult to resist getting one.

    I suppose I can live with horizontal movement but I will probably keep looking for a slider that allows vertical as well as horizontal movement (i.e. it will need a base, a crank, adjustable resistance, and a hard stop lock.


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