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What Is Trending? Look Here First To See What Videos People Are Buying

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What is trending and why does that matter?

Before you start producing your videos, you want to increase the likelihood that you’ll find a market that will buy them. In addition to targeting one of the top selling categories for information products and doing your keyword research, you’ll want to look to other places on the internet where you can find if your topic is actually generating any interest in the active marketplace. Here are a few we recommend:

1) Amazon.com

Do a search for a book or video that fits in a similar niche as yours. Is it in the top seller category? What types of videos are selling well on a similar topic? Are there many reviews for those types of videos or books? If not, it may not be a topic that’s in demand. If yes, you know you’re on to something.

2) Netflix, Barnes & Noble, etc. and other places where people can buy or rent videos.

These are also great places in which to do searches. Take note of what the top selling products are within the top best selling 5 categories.

3) Clickbank

Do a search on Clickbank for top selling downloadable products. Many of these products offer online videos, eBooks and membership sites…just up your alley!

4) YouTube

Search on YouTube to see what people are viewing. Look under the Education and HowTo categories to find the most popular channels within your niche.

5) UdemyMindbites, and other online training sites

Online training sites such as Udemy and Mindbites will show you their most popular videos.

6) Social Media Sites

Don’t forget what you can uncover by doing a search for trending topics on social media sites such as Twitter, Google +, Facebook.

7) Google Alerts

Set up a Google Alerts on your keywords. You’ll see what topics are trending around those words, if any. It’s also a great way to discover competing and similar products.

When you look for what is trending, you’ll have a much better idea of the interest in your topic and if it’s a viable idea to pursue. While you are at these sites, you’ll also get a lot of valuable information on your potential customers and competitors, which we’ll be talking more about in the next blog post.

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