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Video Marketing: Get Over Your Fear Of Being On Camera With These 5 Proven Tips

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Lights, camera, action…you’re ON!

Now what do you do or say? Are you a natural or are you like me…standing there like a deer in the headlights with mouth agape wondering what you should say? Relax…you don’t have to suffer from video stage fright any longer!

In this short video, I share 5 proven tips from my experience on how to get over your fear of being on camera.

If you’re the face of your company and brand, you want to get on camera and you don’t have to let your fear stop you. If I can do it, you can too!

Let’s help each other here…share with us in the comment section below some of your strategies for getting over your fear of being on camera. When you do, I’ll send you our short video course on “How To Get Comfortable On Camera.”


6 Responses to “Video Marketing: Get Over Your Fear Of Being On Camera With These 5 Proven Tips”
  1. Juan says:

    I find this video and post and all the posts on this website fabulous , great , magnificent and Kim you look great.

    • Kim R Miller says:

      Thanks, Juan! You will be receiving the link to that short video course we promised you. Also come back and tell us your experiences with shooting your videos.


  2. Joan Sveda says:

    Thanks for the post Kim. You look very nice. I took my camera to a trade show last weekend and was totaly suprised when eight people working there agreed to an interview on camera. Thanks for your encourgment!

    • Kim R Miller says:

      Hi Joan,

      That’s so great! It’s good to know I’ve been an encouragement. I’ll be sending you that link to the short video course shortly. We also shot and need to edit, a course on how to shoot at conferences and conventions. So stay tuned for that.


  3. Steve Cousino says:

    My strategy is to not think of the camera as the camera, but rather act like I’m talking directly to the cameraman (or, if no cameraman, act like the camera IS the person). It helps to think of my friend or someone else I’m comfortable with. It usually works!


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