Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Presenting the Money Shot: Create Professional Slideshows and Keep them Secure

You’ve mastered the digital equipment, found the right flash bulb and have a collection of lenses that will provide the right effect for landscapes, portraitures, and the great outdoors. Now let’s talk about building a stellar online portfolio. Creating a website that features your best work is the most effective way to generate an online presence and build a more professional standard that clients and advertising agencies will appreciate. Offering a clean presentation of your work in the form of a slideshow is optimal and might even be that extra point that wins the client over. Kit Eaton of the New York Times recommends a few affordable and easy to use options that will definitely add value to your portfolio.

Backing It Up

Before you get started on your slideshow, you’ll want to create a sound online-backup strategy of your work. Chris Corradino, of the New York Institute of Photography, says that securing your photos at an offsite cloud storage center is one of the best ways to ensure photographers that their work is safe from being lost, stolen or damaged. Piece of mind, unlimited storage space, and the added value of being able to store large files in a secure area come with online backup for about $4.95 per month. Scheduling a daily backup of your work, to be saved on an external hard drive as well as with a cloud storage provider, can offer you extra security.

On the Go Slideshow

Apple iOS lovers will appreciate Mac’s latest app offering, the Photo Slideshow Director. This easy-to-use app will allow you to create slideshows on your iPhone or iPad for about $2. This app makes jazzing up your slideshow with music a snap. According to Eaton, you can match up the timing of your images with music that you select from your iTunes library, select images in your archive by tapping on them and the image thumbnails can be changed and moved by simply dragging and dropping images. This app also allows you to create fun and attractive effects to transition the images, like fade-ins and distortion that can be viewed in high definition. So, if you’re in a rush and need to create a professional looking presentation in a pinch, this app is one you will want to try.

Build It, Share It

For PC users, there’s the comprehensive and feature-filled Photo Slideshow Builder. As featured on, this program helps users to enter digital images and transform them into video quality slideshows. offers a free download of the program on their site, which is preferable if you’re working on a shoestring budget and want to create a presentation that is professional, without having to pay too much out of pocket.

Your days of presenting single digital stills will soon be over once you see how impressed your clients are with your creative slideshow. You’ll never want to turn back.


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