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Find Topics By Doing This James Bond Technique

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Find topics by being like James Bond? In other words, by being a spy. It’s simple, just eavesdrop on your prospects and your competition.

Why? Along with discovering what is trendingdoing your keyword research, and knowing what are the top selling categories, it’s another key way to gather intelligence so that you choose a topic that has a high chance of success.

You want to gather information on:

Your topic

For starters, you can see how many views certain posts get, and which posts spark a lively conversation. What are people asking about on this topic? What are they complaining about? By doing a little research, and listening to what people are looking for, it can help you get clear on the solution your product will deliver.

Your competition

You also want to know what your competition is delivering and also how they are marketing. Ask people about other products they’ve purchased and what they liked about them. Don’t be afraid to follow or friend your competition. They’re probably doing it to you. Your intent isn’t to find something that you’ll copy, but a starting point on what you can deliver differently.

You also want to know if there even is a market for this information. If you have no competition, that may mean there really isn’t much of a market. The longer your competitors have been in business, the better. That’s a sign that the market is stable.

Your prospects and customers

You also want to find out who your prospects and customers are in order to communicate with them in the future. You want to know where they “hang out”, shop, play, etc.

So where do you eavesdrop? Here are 2 places I use:

1) Forums

Forums can reveal quite a bit of information on the particular topic at hand. And these days, you can find forums on every topic under the sun! Do a Google search for an online forum to see if people are talking about your potential topic. Just “lurk” at first to see what people are talking about.

2) Social media sites

Follow and friend your competition and track what they say and do. In Twitter, you can put them in a private list. Same with Facebook and Google+ circles. Subscribe to YouTube channels.

These are just 2 of the tools and strategies you can use to find topics, customers and competing products. However, just eavesdropping isn’t enough, what you do next will make a huge difference in your bottom line. We’ll talk about that in our next post.

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