Thursday, January 18, 2018

How To Choose a Topic For Your Next Special Interest Video

Q: “How do I choose a good topic for my special interest video?”

A: Here are two ideas where I recommend you start in choosing a topic for your video:

Start with your passions and interests.

If you are really into something, chances are there are others just like you who are too! So what draws your interest? What are you passionate about learning more about? What type of books and videos do you consume? What type of programs do you watch on television? Then ask yourself this, “What is your unique approach to your subject of interest?”

Start with your current area of expertise.

What are you good at? What do you know? What do people ask you to help them with? If they haven’t asked, ask them what they want to know or need help with. Start with your clients, customers, friends, associates, and followers and find out what they want.

Here are some examples from our experiences:

One of our best selling DVDs, A Sense of Place, came from an idea from a family member. Produced in 2005, we’ve sold over 8,000 copies and sales are still strong.

Mike Deiure, owner of Rock Guitar Power Course, who we interviewed for our book Shoot To Sell: Make Money Producing Special Interest Videos taught guitar. He turned that passion into producing videos teaching guitar. (You can hear our entire interview with him here.)

Producing what you know or are interested will get you started but how will you know that topic will be profitable? I’ll cover this more in depth over the next few blog posts when I cover our 5 top tips to set you in the right direction:

1) Pick a topic in a best-selling category.

If you can somehow deliver your knowledge within a best selling category, you are more likely to create something that will sell.

2) Use keyword research to hone in on your topic.

The Internet is your best friend when it comes to drilling down on your perfect topic. There are many free online tools available that can give you a real-time glimpse into what people are searching for online. One of the online tools we like to use is Keyword Spy.

3) Look at online video and book reviews to see what people buy.

Large eCommerce sites suchas are great places to find out if your topic generates interest in the active marketplace.

4) Eavesdrop on your prospects and your competition.

Why? You want to gather information on your topic, your competition and your potential customers.

5) Be active and engage.

You have to be actively involved in the world around you to be successful. You need to start communicating with people, in person or online, to find out more about them so you can produce a video they will not only benefit from but will buy.

Join me over the next few weeks while I dig deeper into these 5 areas.


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