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CamStudio Tutorial: Easy As 1-2-3!

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Screen capture software, like CamStudio, Camtasia, ScreenFlow 4, and Snagit, makes what are called video screencasts or video screen captures. They basically turn your computer into a camera that is recording itself.

You can see how powerful this can be to show computer actions to others who can’t see your computer screen. It comes in really handy when you’re explaining a complicated software application. This is a perfect solution when you work with a virtual team and want to quickly show them a task or concept that can be done in a short period of time.

The other nice thing about these programs is that they are simple to use and many are free, like CamStudio for the PC. (If you have a Mac with an OSX, you have free screencast app with the same capability in the QuickTime Player.)

Here is a short tutorial I made showing you how to use CamStudio. This tutorial is one of several offered in Lesson 4 of our Special Interest Video Academy course where we show you how you can produce videos to sell WITHOUT even using a camera. Producing how-to videos, and making money from them, has become easier than ever. Our 16-week course takes you step-by-step through starting your own profitable video publishing business.

One of the huge benefits of creating screencasts is that you can create videos very quickly. You can turn on the record function, run through the program or exercise that you are demonstrating, and you are done! Your computer will record your voice as you demonstrate the process on the computer so you have an instant voice-over audio track. Then when you are finished, you can upload your video to a server or save to a DVD. Because they can help demonstrate and teach the use of software features, you see many software developers using screencasts to show off their work.

The more advanced programs such as Camtasia or the one we I use on my Mac, ScreenFlow 4, have fairly sophisticated editing tools so you can make changes and add enhancements afterwards. They are definitely worth the investment if your goal is to monetize your videos and give them higher production values. For example, you can add in supplemental video as well as slide presentations, highlight areas of the screen, draw on the screen, zoom in and zoom out, all recorded as you are doing it or even afterwards. This is particularly well suited for how-to and educational videos. You can also turn PowerPoint slide presentations into sellable products. Online courses are another great application for this type of technology. It’s an additional tool to use, even if you are just planning on shooting your video mostly with a camera.

Here are some other screencast software programs to look into:



ScreenRecord Studio

SnapzProX – We’ve used this one in the past for our Make Money Selling Your Own Videos DVD.


If you’ve not used this type of software before, I encourage you to check out the free option available to you so that you can see how it would work for you.


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