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Branding Tips: Show Your Flag

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We’re gearing up (pun intended) to head off to the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show in Las Vegas. This is an annual event that we look forward to every April. We get press passes, which means we get easy access to shooting videos of the latest and greatest new developments in the video world, and that means a lot of spontaneous interviews with sales people.

NAB is the size of a small city and it is very noisy. We’re constantly on the move, so a handheld interview style microphone is the way to go. I’m getting a new mic this year and I’m adding a long overdue microphone flag.

What is a microphone flag, you ask? That is the typically square or triangular device that news broadcasters have attached to their handheld mics to identify the station. Why they are called “flags” I have no idea, but they instantly give your on-camera reporters a more professional look.

Flags are an inexpensive yet stylish form of branding. Some video companies send their crews out with t-shirts, polo shirts or ball caps with their name and logo on them. This is fine for many situations but we’re not going to do that. Our intent is not to advertise our brand to the other people at NAB so much as it is to add that edge of professionalism to the videos we produce there. The flag is enough to do that.

You can get inexpensive blank flags for under $35. B&H has one I’m considering – the Rycote Triangle Mic Flag (Black). It is really just a square or triangular piece of plastic with a foam insert. You can print and attach your logo to them with different types of adhesive, such as spray adhesive, double stick tape, etc. If you want to get a silk screened flag you should expect to spend $80 or more. If you are going that route you might as well order several because a big chunk of that cost is the one-time setup fee.

If you do interviews with a handheld mic and want to build brand recognition, it is time to consider adding a flag to your audio kit.

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