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Video Testimonial – How Giving One is a Good Marketing Strategy

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A video testimonial is a great thing to get. But do you give them?

Well, you should even if you are like me.. you’d rather jump out of a perfectly good airplane than give one on-camera. Seriously, the first time I gave a video testimonial, I broke down into a blubbering mess. But I persevered and discovered that not only is it a nice thing to offer to a program, service or product that you find very beneficial, it’s also a great marketing strategy as well.

In this short video I shot at DV Expo, I share with you why it is a good marketing strategy to offer a video testimonial when given the opportunity.


2 Responses to “Video Testimonial – How Giving One is a Good Marketing Strategy”
  1. Bob Mantell says:

    Hi Kim,

    Did these guys use the video of you testimonial that they shot?

    • Kim R Miller says:


      We didn’t actually do a testimonial for them (just found out about them) but we did do a tips video (watch for that next week) but I don’t think they posted them all yet. I’ve only seen one so maybe they didn’t turn out.



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