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Simple Camera Stabilizer – The Pstik

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While at DVExpo, we came across a very energetic man with an interesting camera stabilizer. He was running all around the exhibit floor so I had to stop him and ask him what this was.

He turned out to be Steve Payne, a cameraman, who had within the last few weeks, started to market a camera stabilizer he had designed. He calls it the Pstik. It is pronounced stick, the p is silent.

He feels it’s “simply the best camera stabilizer in the known universe” and we have him on camera telling you why he thinks so.

In this really short video, you’ll see how:

  • It works with a monopod,
  • Easily it clamps to a monopod,
  • Why he designed it,
  • And how super easy it is to use.

So watch it and see for yourself Steve’s Pstik claims and how this stabilizer may work for you.

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2 Responses to “Simple Camera Stabilizer – The Pstik”
  1. Eric Harnden says:

    I donated to his indiegogo campaign and never got the product. Shyster I guess.


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