Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Make Money With Video – Introducing Poptent

In previous posts, I’ve given you several ideas for making money with your videos. When I was at DV Expo, I came across another interesting option – Poptent.

Poptent is part crowdsourcing, part social media site, part talent agency. It’s a business that connects independent filmmakers with the world’s biggest brands. You get the opportunity to earn money producing commercials for Fortune 500 companies.

I spent some time with Poptent’s Jeremy Walker who explained the concept and opportunity for you to make up to $7500 per assignment. Watch how you can get started in this 4.5 minute video.

I signed up! Why don’t you? Let Poptent help build your video business.


2 Responses to “Make Money With Video – Introducing Poptent”
  1. Thanks for the coverage, guys! Let us know if you ever have additional questions about what we do.


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