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How To Sell Videos From The Stage – Part 2

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Your goal with selling your videos at speaking engagements involves getting the audience excited about buying your product right then and there because once they walk out the door, they are gone. Or are they?

Just as you want to do on your website, there are ways you can get their information so you can contact them in the future. Here are a few of those*:

1) Announce a drawing at the beginning of your presentation that will be done to only those in the audience at the end of your talk. This is a good way to keep them in their seats and also to collect their business cards. (Of course, if you’re doing that to add them to your email list, let them know that upfront.)

2) Offer a giveaway (bonus video, eBook, white paper, etc.) that is available by signing up on your website and will only be available to those in attendance. Show this on your last slide and have a handout. For our events in Florida, I made up a post card explaining what they’ll get and information on how to sign up for it, including a QR Code.

3) Make sure you have your website and contact information on your slides.

4) Pass out printed handouts, workbooks or outlines for your audience to refer to during your presentation. Make sure your information along with your free giveaway offer is printed clearly on it.

5) If you are speaking at a conference, convention or expo, come a day or two early to network. Also if you can, stay after your presentation and do the same. Networking will also help you get people to your presentation. A few times I was slated to speak on the last day of the event which usually means lower crowds since a lot of people leave early. As soon as I got to the event a few days before, I started networking and getting people excited about my presentation. I not only had a lot more people than I even hoped at my talk but those that couldn’t make it, actually bought DVDs from me earlier and others asked to be on my email list and bought them after the conference was over.

* Very Important Note: If this isn’t your event, tell the event promoter that you want to do this and get their approval first. If you are speaking on the stage of someone else’s event you need to carefully read the terms you agreed to abide by. The promoter may be making their money by collecting a percentage of your sales, maybe as much as 50%, so they don’t want you giving the audience your website to order from later. They’ll want to transact the sale through their ordering process and will later pay you your percentage.

It’s important that you don’t try to subvert the promoter’s rules by placing your web address on PowerPoint slides or handing out your business cards. The promoter has spent a lot of money to fill seats for your presentation and they deserve their fair payment. Failure to abide by their rules can get you banned from future events and earn you a black mark in the industry.

Long term results from speaking consistently at events are that you will make money from immediate sales of your items, you’ll build your reputation as an expert, you may actually be paid to keynote events and possibly offered discounted or free exhibit floor space and you’ll build traffic to your website where you can sell your videos on a continuing basis.

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