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How To Sell Videos From The Stage – Part 1

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If you can get up in front of a crowd and give a good presentation you can make a lot of money really fast by speaking and selling your videos and products at trade shows, seminars, expos and conventions. It is also an effective way to brand yourself and position yourself as the expert in your field. If people see you on a stage they will assume you are an expert.

“Back of the room sales” are your immediate goal at such events. You give a talk about your subject, give plenty of good useful information, but as you finish you promote your product and give a strong call to action to buy it right after your talk. Obviously, this works better with physical products that people can take with them but you could promote a special price on your online videos or a subscription to your membership program as well.

You have to make the push to have them buy right then because that may be your only opportunity with this crowd. Many will also be excited and want to learn more if you’ve wowed them.

What really helps is to have a compelling incentive for them to buy that day, like a huge price discount, big bonuses, etc. A common tactic would go like this: “This product is normally $297, but you’re not going to pay that today. In fact, you’re not even going to pay $197. For the next 20 minutes only, you can get this fantastic video for only $97.00, and as a bonus for buying today I’ll throw in (fill in the blank). Now meet me at the back of the room to get yours. Remember you can only get it at this price today, for the next 20 minutes.”

While I’ve done this successfully at video conferences with my Make Money Selling Special Interest Videos (no longer available) and my My Secrets of Producing Successful Special Interest Videos, I have also had success in selling my other DVDs when I spoke to non-profit groups and organizations such as libraries and book clubs. In fact, this week and over the next few weeks, I am on the road, traveling all over Florida doing just that, speaking to history centers, libraries and schools – in total I’ve lined up 17 speaking engagements over 3 weeks! I’ve done this in the past and with many of these, I showed my video and then sold copies to the audience. I am doing that this time as well, along with a lot of related books.

Because I am also getting paid to present, I won’t be doing a really hard sale at the end of my presentation but I will have a table at the back of the room or outside and invite them to talk with me further, ask me questions and let them know they can pick up a copy for themselves. Libraries have community programs and need speakers and presentations so don’t overlook these opportunities.

How do you go about getting public speaking opportunities? Here are other suggestions, many of which I’ve used:

  • Are there conferences, conventions, trade shows, or expos where you could speak? Check their websites for “speaking opportunities” or “calls for speakers”. They will be doing this several months in advance so keep that in mind.
  • Are there local community groups you could contact where you could speak? Look for those that you feel would be a good fit for your video topic.
  • Contact your former university or high school. While you may not sell much at these venues, they are really great for getting your chops up, adding to your speaker resume and gaining confidence in public speaking.
  • Sign up with a speaker’s bureau. Do a search on the internet and you’ll find several listed that cater to all types of subjects and audiences. If you’re starting out, you probably won’t be able to get listed on the larger bureau’s but there are many others out there.
  • Simply ask people about speaking opportunities – ask your customer list, your email list, social media contacts, your friends, business associates. When I put the word out that I was going to speak in Florida on the subject of my father and his very popular book A Land Remembered, I asked my email list and my Facebook groups and pages and BAM! I had more requests than I could handle. In fact, I’m lining up another tour in the fall. I’ve been on the road five days and have already had an additional five invitations to speak, all of which include sales opportunities.
  • Put on your own event. While this puts you more in a promoter’s role and will be more work with possibly more financial risk, you will have total control over what you are presenting and selling.

These are just some of the ways you can get speaking engagements. Many people, including myself, have found them to be a fun and lucrative way to enhance your reputation and your bottom line. If you get in a position like I find myself in now with my tour in Florida, you get the best of both worlds…being paid to be on stage and then also selling your videos from the stage.

In Part 2, I’ll be talking about how to make those sales from the stage AFTER the event.

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