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Goal-Setting the SMART Way

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Since the world didn’t end last week, we are now faced with looking at 2013 straight in the eye.

Are you one who makes resolutions? I haven’t done so in years but I do set goals all the time. When you think of resolutions do you think in terms of goals? To me, if you focus and put a lot of thought and effort into making new years’ “goals” instead of just “resolutions,” you will be much more likely to actually accomplish what you want. Resolutions tend to be larger – and vaguer – and that is part of the challenge in keeping them.

To increase your chances to actually meet your resolution, it should be written down as a goal and then broken into mini-goals. Over the last few years, I’ve been using the “SMART” method to guide me.

So what is “SMART” goal setting? It is basically looking at your goal and then asking yourself: Is it specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-based? In answering these questions, you take your idea or “resolution” and transform it into an action plan that you can achieve.

S – Specific: Before you begin, you need to decide exactly what you want to accomplish. For example, rather than saying, “I want to make money with video,” say it more specifically, “I will produce a five part video series on ______ .” (You fill in the blank with your topic.)

M – Measurable: You need to have a method to evaluate your progress. Continuing with your video production goal of producing a five part series, one measurable factor might be something like, “This project will cost less than $8,000.”

A – Attainable: Make your goal possible but not too easy. If it’s too easy, you may not be that motivated to pursue it then you’ll be back at square one. If you make the goal too difficult and out of reach like “My video has to be shot on the summit of Mount Everest and the deserts of Iraq”, you may be too frustrated and too discouraged to even try. You want an attainable goal that you can do and which will motivate and challenge you.

R – Realistic: Your goal should be in line with your lifestyle, talents, budget and abilities. For example, if you’ve never operated a camera before and your budget is small, you probably shouldn’t choose a highly technical and very pricey camera such as a Red Epic. A better approach would be choosing a good quality consumer camcorder that meets your needs and your budget.

T – Time-based: You have to have a specific date of completion, setting mini-deadlines along the way. For example, “I want to produce my video and have it on the market by September, 2013.” You then will set the dates where you need to have the script finalized (by February 28), shooting finished (by June 30th), video edited (by August 15th), etc.

Now I’m going to give you an assignment…I want you to set one or more goals for the videos you want to produce for 2013 and WRITE THEM DOWN!!  You can use any number of the free online tools or apps available for keeping them front and center in your mind or just put them on sticky notes and put them where you can see them each day. Doing so will help to keep you accountable and committed.

It also helps to establish a support system. Having a spouse, family member, friend or co-worker who supports your goal enhances your chances for success. That is one of the reasons we recently started the Special Interest Video Organization, a group of like minded video-entrepreneurs who can help each other out, so check out joining it.

Following this SMART goal-setting method will help set you up for success but remember…the key is to START. Why not today?


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