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Camera Support Designed For The Small Camera – The Dougmon

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Because cameras are getting much smaller and lighter, there’s a lot more speed and flexibility in the types of angles and shots you can now get with them. However with that comes a lot of camera support and stabilization issues. Last week we shared one camera support system, the Ready Rig. Today we have another new option to show you, the Dougmon.

In this short 5 minute video we shot at DV Expo, you’ll meet 30 year veteran cameraman Doug Monroe who created this small camera and DSLR solution.

In the video you’ll see how:

  • To use the Dougmon to create a body-pod;
  • You can use it to shoot long interviews without fatigue;
  • You can use it to mimic feature film style camera perspective;
  • It got its interesting name;
  • You can use it with the Slingmon to support your heavier cameras while still getting the versatility of the Dougmon.

The Dougmon is a great support system for action and sports videographers and the price point is a lot lower than what you’d expect in something this effective and versatile. You can see more at The Dougmon Special Camera Support Rig with Manfrotto-Style Head & Plate is available at B&H Photo Video and at Amazon.


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