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Video Collaboration: Check Out The New iPixelFlow App

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Video collaboration services are necessary when you’re working on a large video project with a team that may be located all over the world.

One such service I discovered last year at DVExpo was PixelFlow, a hosted service used to securely share, review and deliver video online. Last year I interviewed the CEO, Patrick Sculley about PixelFlow. This year we crossed paths again at DVExpo 2012 and he agreed to share with you what’s new with his service. Watch the video to check out the latest application, the iPixelFlow App.

(If you’re unable to watch the video on this page, go to YouTube to view it.)

A little about PixelFlow – it can be used for any type of video – but primarily videos that are being worked on within a team or created for a customer. Examples include product demos, documentaries, training videos, education, advertisements, family events, corporate communications and videos for the web. Since they handle almost any resolution or format, you don’t have to know anything about codex or conversions to upload, comment and review videos. Everyone on the team can get involved.

As I share in the video, this service is far better than workarounds we’ve used in the past. Patrick also shared that something new is coming this month so check out this comprehensive video collaboration service.

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