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Identify Your Target Market Before You Do This!

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You have a great idea for a topic for your special interest video. Great! You’re getting really excited and making big plans.

Before you do anything, you need to answer this question, “Can you identify and reach your target market economically?

The best video will be unsuccessful if you cannot identify and economically reach the people who may want to buy it.

Before you do much planning on the actual production of your video, you need to identify your target market. Then you’ll need to determine if there is good profit potential in the way you’ll deliver, market and reach these prospects.

A target market needs to be really specific, hence the importance on the word target. Something like “home owners” is too general. How will you market to all home owners? “Home Owners in Florida” is much more specific and easier to target. “Home Owners in Orlando, Florida” is even more specific. “New Home Owners in Orlando, Florida” is quite specific. Aim for a well defined market.

Once you know what your market will be, then you can start the process to find them. There are many tools you can use to do this that we cover in our book, Shoot To Sell: Make Money Producing Special Interest Videos. Once you find them, then you’ll have a better idea whether they are easy to reach and if that can be done economically. This is important information to gather because you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars and weeks of your time producing something that your market will buy at a certain price point, only to find that it will cost you too much to market or advertise to them. Identifying the intended group of people who would be interested in buying your video will also help you with crafting your marketing message.

As I stressed in the 8 key steps to being successful in selling your videos, if you can’t say who would be interested in buying your video and how you would reach them, then you probably haven’t defined your niche sufficiently.

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