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How To Get Customers To Buy Your Video

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Are you wondering how to get customers to buy your video? One of the fundamentals behind successful marketing is understanding that people really buy solutions, not things. So how do you use that knowledge in producing and selling profitable videos?

Produce Your Videos With A Solution In Mind

When planning your video, approach it with the intent to provide information that people need to solve a problem. With how-to and educational videos this is pretty clear cut…provide them with information on how to do something, how to avoid something, key steps they need to know, teaching concepts, etc…

But what if you are interested in doing a video that is more for entertainment and doesn’t really solve any problems?

Video isn’t only for good teaching a subject or sharing information. There is also an emotional response triggered in people because it is a visual media. What the film industry has shown since its inception is that audiences watch entertainment type videos for two main reasons; to either be taken away from something or drawn to something. Think about the reasons you like to watch movies, maybe you want relief from your current problems by watching a comedy, or you are drawn to an historical drama to learn about life and struggles back then. Keep this in mind if this is the type of video you want to produce.

For these types of videos, make sure you focus on a powerful story and the appropriate music that goes hand in hand with stirring strong emotions.

Inject Problem Solving Into Marketing Your Videos

Reality check…your customers don’t want to really own another video. A DVD is just plastic and a VOD is just bandwidth space. They want the benefit they’ll derive from the information on that video, whether that’s entertainment or education. When marketing, don’t focus on explaining about the fancy broadcast camera you shot this video with or the fact that this took six months to produce. People want to know “If I watch this video, what’s in it for me? How will my life, career, health, mood be improved?” So tell them. You do that with good copywriting.

Before you start copywriting though, you need to know who you are marketing to. Find the person’s pain point, share how you’ll solve her problem and she’ll buy your video. This helps you to be clear about what your product should do for your customer and why they should buy it from you.

Next, write down all of the benefits your customer will get from watching your video. Start by writing down the things your prospects have asked you to help them with that are being addressed in the video. Put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself if those things would encourage you to buy this video. Keep refining the benefits.

State The Problem And How You Can Help Them Solve It

If your video is going to solve a problem for them, state the problem and then tell how your video will solve it. “Stop Dog Barking” is the problem, “5 Easy Steps You Can Do TODAY” is the solution.

Use this as a guide to marketing more entertaining videos. In our bestselling edu-tainment video we produced about my father, “Patrick Smith, The Writer” is the subject; “Takes You On A Nostalgic Journey To A Florida That Exists Today Only In Books” is the emotional draw.

Talk To Them From Their Standpoint

Don’t write from your standpoint; turn all your “I’s” or “we’s” around and use “You” or “Your” as much as possible. “You will…” is much more powerful than “My….” Your copy should always be about the reader and the benefits they will receive, not about you or what a cool thing you did.

Also, speak in their language. When writing copy it should sound like you know the product inside and out. If there is vocabulary unique to this group of people, use it. Don’t use cute industry buzz words that might date it in a year or two, but use the language of your audience if such a thing exists. The more your potential customer can relate to you and your sales pitch, the more believable you are and the better your chance of making a sale.

Let Your Prospect Get To Know You

To make them trust you and buy from you, you want them to also know why you are the one who will help them solve their problem. Don’t ask them to take your word for it, offer a free trial or sample video. You should have a trailer or sampler video excerpt to show highlights from your video. I highly recommend making a promotional video where you talk about the video you have for sale, explaining the content and benefits and showing samples from it. That video needs to be filled with good motivational copy and a clear call to action too.

Share customer testimonials. These are some of the most persuasive things you can use to get potential customers to trust you. People want to know that other people have been satisfied with your video, what they got out of it, and the more they think those people are just like them, the better.

Some other powerful ways to get your prospects trust is to write posts (in blogs and on social media sites) that solve peoples’ problems. Focus on providing actionable advice that will give you credibility and authority. Then convert that traffic into leads by creating and giving away content (free videos, eBooks, reports, templates, apps, tools, etc.) that will help your readers. In exchange, you will get their emails and permission to not only market to them but also a chance to show them who you are and how they will benefit from your videos and products. Once you get their email, then you want to nurture those leads with emails based on their problems. Also don’t be afraid to ask them what they need; if you do you will get a better idea of what problems your audience faces so you can create content to address them.

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