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Aerial Video Within Your Budget

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Aerial video is no longer restricted to larger studios that can afford to rent a helicopter or airplane; videographers working with smaller budgets can now use an array of radio controlled helicopters to get stunning aerial video and birds eye shots.

When we were at NAB, there were many booths such as Photo Higher, Droidworx and Quadrocopter showcasing their remote controlled helicopters. Beyond the fun of working a remote controlled flying contraption, I saw the potential in using these with a camera like the GoPro Hero2 in your video business.

See why I got all excited and some of the ideas I came up with for you in this short 3-1/2 minute video. You’ll also get to check out what a few of them look like and see why It looked a bit like a Transformer or robot convention!

(If you’re unable to watch the video on this page, go to YouTube to view it.)

If you have shot video using a remote controlled helicopter or other gizmo, we love to have you share that with us. Let us know below and give a link to your clip.


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