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Make Your Summer Business Plan of Attack Your Year-Round Approach

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Save TimeRecently I’ve shared a few tips from guest blogger Adele Jackson on getting more done in less time. Our focus has been on keeping things together through the many wonderful distractions of summer, but keep in mind the approaches we’ve discussed can certainly apply all year round. Most of us started our businesses because we wanted freedom and really, we have it right here for ourselves when we need it.

Here’s a little wrap up of what we’ve talked about, so you can create the schedule for your business that you want.

Be Disciplined: It may seem contradictory to tell you to be disciplined when you’re actually seeking freedom, but the more disciplined you are, the more time you will have to do what you really want to be doing. Setting your work hours and planning your work days goes a long way to ensuring you have time to do everything you set out to do.

Be Flexible: On the other hand, not everything has to be written in stone. Sometimes we bite off more than we can chew. Other times, we focus on things that just don’t work and we need to change course. Don’t be afraid to make changes that are good for you and your business.

Get Help: I can’t stress this enough; don’t go it alone. If you’re doing everything yourself you’ll be working too hard and not at full efficiency.

This from Rick – Believe me, I know. Hire an assistant when needed (we like and use oDesk) or take on a business partner, either on a per-project basis, part-time or fulltime. In two weeks I’m doing a 2-day film shoot for a project that will be seen on EWTN, the Global Catholic Television Network. There are some very challenging scenes to set up and shoot and there’s a lot riding on them coming out great. I could do it alone but I found myself getting really stressed about it, so yesterday I hired my favorite associate and once I did so I could feel the pressure of the upcoming shoot lift. I’ve hired this person on many shoots in the past and he always has my back. I can’t tell you how much this has relieved my stress. Now I can focus on other aspects of my business knowing that I have a very capable assistant who’ll help me.

What’s really nice is that since I hire him consistently, I was able to negotiate a lower hourly rate due to my budget constraints.

Focus On What You’re Good At: When you have a team in place, it’s easy to focus on the stuff you like to do and do well. It’s much easier to stay disciplined and motivated when you get to do what you love. Get qualified help to do the things you are not your strength.

Plant SeedsPlant The Seeds Now: Whether you’re planning a vacation or something unexpected happens, having things in place will help you go far. That includes building your team, growing your mailing list, developing a steady stream of traffic and all the things that you need to keep your business moving along.

Now go and enjoy the rest of your summer and enjoy every moment of what you do.

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