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Green Screen Videos…Without The Green Screen

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The other day we were going to shoot some green screen videos for a client. Unfortunately, when she arrived we saw that she was wearing a bluish green top so we went to plan B and shot her on a blown out white background. This is the set up we used for our SIV Academy.

Here’s a frame grab of Kim on our white background.

Kim MillerBecause our client had blond hair, I think she’ll key out better with the white background anyway. I’ve found that fair haired people, especially wispy, white haired folks, are difficult to shoot on a green backdrop because the green light bounces back on them and gives the hair a green tint around the edges. Since you can select any color to key out, I’m finding this white background works very well (as long as the person isn’t wearing white).
The trick to getting a good chromakey is nice even lighting on the backdrop. When I am shooting in front of my green screen backdrop, I also try to keep the person as far in front of the green screen as possible to avoid having green light bouncing back on them.
I find playing around with chromakey to be fun. You can do some really crazy things with it. Here’s an inexpensive green backdrop if you want to try your hand at green screen videos.

We’ll be offering a course on how to shoot green screen under the SIV Academy so get on the list and we’ll let you know when that is available.


ePhoto 10×12 GREEN 10×12 Foot Chroma Key Green Screen Muslin Backdrop – from Amazon

Cowboy Studio Video Lighting Kit – from Amazon

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4 Responses to “Green Screen Videos…Without The Green Screen”
  1. Tim says:

    Without showing us the end result this post is

  2. Andrew says:

    Good advice on the greenscreen. I’ve not tried white background yet so looking forward to experimenting with other keying colours.


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